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good morning, america. was it sabotage? breaking new details point to foul play on the missing jumbo jet. abc news learned two crucial ways to communicate were shut down deliberately in the cockpit at separate times. the plane flying for up to four more hours before losing contact. no clues yet from the massive search zone. oh my god. my plane. my plane just crashed. another dramatic plane incident overnight. this u.s. airways flight careening off the runway in philadelphia. the front landing gear collapsing. the passengers panicked. all caught on tape. royal revenge. bombshell allegations in court that princess diana leaked a top secret phone book with royal phone numbers all during
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her feud with prince charles during their divorce. a texas bakery worker making 50 grand a year who helped himself to a large piece of the pie embezzling millions to pay for private plane, luxury luggage, a bar of gold and how he got away with cooking the books and why. and good morning, america. robin off today. great to have lara here along with sara haines. let's get right to these stunning new developments on the missing jumbo jet. these details first reported by abc news. someone who knew what they were doing turned off two key tracking devices in the cockpit. one at 1:07 a.m. the other at 1:21 a.m. that's a 14-minute gap cutting off contact with the plane. and what this gap suggests there was no catastrophic failure, it was a deliberate act done by someone taking over the plane.
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>> what it also says those extra four hours after that last contact means that the plane could have flown anywhere for thousands of miles. this american ship now leading a search in the indian ocean west of malaysia. >> and abc's david kerley is here today with all this brand-new information. good morning, david. >>reporter: good morning, george. this is a massive expansion of this search area. if you look at the map, four hours and 600 miles an hour you're talking about a 2400-mile area that now could be considered part of the search zone. but we have also learned from u.s. sources they believe some of the communication systems as you mentioned were intentionally turned off at different times meaning this was not a catastrophic failure. abc news has learned that those two separate key moves in the cockpit may be crucial to solving the mystery. just 26 minutes into the flight at 1:07 a.m. the final data transmission was made from the cockpit at some point that system shut down. 14 minutes later at 1:21 the transponder which sends the
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location of the 777 also turned off. one source told us it was a systematic shutdown. the assumption, that someone with flying experience didn't want this jet to communicate with the outside world. our sources tell us one feature that apparently cannot be manually turned off is a ping feature which is part of a data health system for the aircraft. if the plane had disintegrated during flight or suffered a kas strosk failure, its expected all three signals, the pings, the data messages and transponder would stop at the same time. in the case of malaysia air flight the ping continues hourly our sources say for four hours after the flight disappeared off radar. that ping may not tell us where the plane actually is but at 600 miles an hour it could be 2400 miles from malaysia, which is why the investigation is expanding into the indian ocean this morning with u.s. vessels moving in that direction. and, george, this is a very big ocean and even deeper than some of the places that we found the wreckage from the air france accident several years ago. >> and we should emphasize right now this idea that it was a
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deliberate act potentially sabotage, the leading theory but not the only theory. >> absolutely. this is a possibility that there was a fire. could have been cargo problems, could be that the pilots were lack of oxygen had hypoxia and passed out. this is the leading theory. this is what the americans have found out so far and now we're talking about this entire part of the indian ocean which as i mentioned is very deep. they think that that flight path that they got one ping over here kind of leads them over into this area and into the indian ocean. >> we'll talk to stephen ganyard more about that path in a minute. now we want to get more on the search from lara. >> now we want to get right to that point. let's go to bob woodruff who is on the scene in kuala lumpur with the latest. bob. >> reporter: good morning, lara. we just got out of this news conference a short period ago. asked a lot of questions. they didn't have a lot of answers. all they said they know about the location of this plane as much as they did six days ago. this morning, abc news has
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learned the search operation has been expanded further into the south china sea and the indian ocean. the malaysian ministry of transport announced that the two oil slicks were found in the south china sea, one containing tiny traces of jet fuel but no jet was found in the vicinity. >> they'll investigate and found to contain tiny bits of jet fuel. no jet was found in the vicinity. we do not believe that is the case. >> reporter: while the u.s. navy races in to help india is expanding its operations in the seas west of the andaman islands but not everyone is convinced the jet veered so far off course. this morning, news agencies in china reporting chinese researchers detected a so-called sea floor event in the waters between malaysia and vietnam. the plane's original path, a possibility that it plunged into the sea. malaysian officials yesterday said they have not searched the homes of the crew members and this morning at the mosque of the co-pilot friends told us he was a great man with prayers for
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all on board. that they will be found. >> no matter if they are malay or whatever, they are human beings. every time you hope, inshallah, even though we don't know where they are. >> reporter: the malaysia officials say they don't want to give a lot of information out. that it's private and needs to be secured around the world. all they're saying about these ideas is that they're generally speculation. george in. >> okay. let's dig into all this with stephen ganyard in washington. stephen, we heard david say leading theory, some kind of deliberate act of sabotage although it's one of many but take us inside the cockpit and explain why this points to a kind of sabotage. how difficult it was for these two communication systems to be turned off. >> yeah, they're very different communication systems, george, not only where they are in the
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cockpit, the things they do but would have required two deliberate actions. the first one would have involved reaching up over the pilot's shoulder and pulling a circuit breaker so the circuit breakers are tiny things and writing next to them is very small so would have to know where they were looking, what they were doing and it would have had to be deliberate. 14 minutes later authorities are telling us that they turned off the transponder switch which would have been on a son sole very close the pilot's knees or up by their hands. so these are two different acts, 14 minutes apart. done by somebody who new how to fly that airplane. >> who knew what they were doing. let's take a look at the flight path we've been speculating on so far, that flight out towards the strait of malacca and moving in a westerly direction over this huge expanse. once the flight makes that turn it is pointing towards europe and the middle east. we talked about this yesterday you suggested the idea that it could have landed in a terrorist hot bed like somalia and yemen. but appears that the plane couldn't have gone that far. >> that's right. but the fact that it could have
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flown for four or five hours after its last known position is still absolutely remarkable when you look at that radius. that's an amazing search radius. one of the things that i think is interesting that came out this morning is it was apparently flying along known flight paths. it was somebody who was still pilots the airplane like they were on a flier flight plan but they were on a route that would have taken them to europe or to the middle east. east and as they made the turn over the strait of malacca they were situated on a highway in the sky that would have pointed them towards europe. >> zeroing in on foul play or sabotage but at the same time it gets difficult because the search area is so vastly expanded. >> you bet. there's an irony here. we know we can eliminate some of the theories out there, the massive explosions, but now we have this search area that is so large that our search and rescue effort is really almost daunting to even think about. >> okay, stephen ganyard, thanks very much. let's go back to lara. we want to turn now to another plane incident right
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here in the u.s. a terrifying scare for passengers on a us airways flight. it happened in philadelphia at the international airport. the plane lurching off the runway, the takeoff aborted and abc's ryan smith is here with all the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, lara. the plane was off the ground a little bit and nose went up and then down again and a passenger on 1702 and what happened next shocked everyone on board. >> oh, my god. my plane. my plane just crashed. >> reporter: turbulent takeoff. >> the plane is on fire. >> reporter: overnight us airways flight 1702 aborting takeoff at philadelphia international airport at the last second heading to ft. lauderdale. skidding off the runway after the plane's nose gear apparently collapsed. >> it's really tough to tell. i see smoke down there. 1702, we'll dispatch emergency vehicles. >> reporter: careening into an empty field. the plane, nose down. smoke billowing from the left side. frightened passengers exiting on emergency slides sprinting to get away. some people seen on the wings
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even children hurrying to safety. >> there was panic on the plane. there was no one in charge. >> reporter: two passengers out of 149 received medical attention. but the fear, the shock, still palpable hours later. >> i'm not going to florida. >> reporter: the faa and ntsb are still investigating the departure debacle and passengers waited hours before boarding a new aircraft and landing safely in ft. lauderdale early this morning. making a trip to the sunshine state a little darker than expected. >> i think i'll take a train back home. >> it's still unclear what happened but the faa saying the nose gear collapsed and the airline first tweeting that a tire blew. but a bumpy ride not soon forgotten by everyone on the plane, lara. >> i think i'd be taking a train home too. thank you very much. to josh with the other top stories this morning. good morning, josh. >> good morning. we begin with a bombshell report overnight claiming the safety problems at general motors may have been far worse than originally thought. a watchdog group claims more than 300 deaths could have been caused by the ignition defect that prompted gm to recall 1.6
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million compact cars. gm has acknowledged only 12 deaths but the center for auto safety says the faulty ignition switches which can disable the air bags could be the blame for some 303 deaths in crashes involving the chevy cobalt and the saturn ion. gm is challenging those figures today saying "without rigorous analysis it is pure speculation to attempt to draw any meaningful conclusions." now, as we reported this week, the recall is now the subject of a federal, criminal investigation. the other big story this morning, concerns that russia could now be on the verge of invading ukraine. the growing tensions are rattling global stock markets at this hour. the dow plunging more than 230 points just yesterday. at this hour, thousands of russian troops have been deployed to ukraine's border ahead of this weekend's big vote when the people in crimea could decide to break away from ukraine and join russia. abc's alex marquardt is there. alex, good morning to you.
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>> reporter: good morning, josh. these troops believed to be russian have already taken over crimea and now ukrainian officials are warning of a full-scale invasion by those russian forces amassing along ukraine's border. almost 9,000 troops along with tanks and artillery raising fears that russia wants to go beyond crimea and invade eastern ukraine. that's where we're seeing rising violence. overnight at least one person killed in clashes with pro-russian protesters. fueling fears of more bloodshed to come. secretary of state john kerry is in london today for a meeting with his russian counterpart. a last-ditch effort to try to get russia to withdraw its troops from crimea and to delay the referendum here in crimea set for sunday. but american officials say there's little hope of that and are warning of very serious steps to try to stop russia's advance. josh. >> alex marquardt, thank you. in ukraine. meantime, a billion-dollar u.s. aid package for ukraine
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remains stalled in congress. in other news new video of that massive explosion that leveled two buildings here in upper manhattan wednesday. an eighth person has now been confirmed dead. five remain missing. the blast has raised concern about the safety of ageing gas pipelines. and violence erupted at san francisco city colleges. students clashed with police. you see them here. police fought back with batons and pepper spray. the students were trying to take over the school's administration building in a protest of new tuition fees. at least two of those students were arrested. and this morning, in a world where we love movie trailers almost as much as we love the movies themselves, we remember hal douglas. you may not know the name but you'll certainly know the voice. >> in a world where laughter was king. >> that was hal voicing the trailer for the movie "comedian" just a few years back. it was actually his first on-camera appearance in 40 years.
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obviously famous for what he did off camera. he worked on thousands and thousands of movie trailers and documentaries, of course, often starting with that trademark opening "in a world where -- hal douglas, you'll be remembered fondly. he was 89 years old. >> we'll miss that voice. >> we sure will. >> you do a good hal douglas. >> i've been working on it all morning. >> thanks, josh. we're going to go to washington now where congress is taking a hard look on how to protect young athletes from head injuries. the threat of concussions has been growing for boys and girls and yesterday the nfl and nhl were called this to be part of the solution. abc's jim avila has the details from washington. good morning, jim. >> reporter: warnings from parents about little kids playing big kids' games from lacrosse and hockey to soccer and, of course, football. 6 million kids play tackle or flag football. absorbing an average of 650 hits to the head every season according to a recent study.
7:15 am
and on thursday the nfl confessed to congress it still has not developed equipment to protect players from concussions. >> i know the helmet manufacturers are working on it. we're not there yet. >> reporter: another study shows girls' soccer is second on the list for concussion danger and one of the game's most famous players, u.s. player briana scurry, who helped the u.s. win its first -- >> i made one save. the only save made in the penalty kick shootout. >> reporter: -- can no longer play suffering this head injury at age 38. what was the effect of that on your life? >> i still have issues with my balance, loss of memory, concentration, difficulty focusing. sensitivity to light and sound. >> reporter: and that's what she came to congress to talk about. delivering this message for parents and coaches. playing hurt is not good anymore. >> no. we're finding out that playing hurt cannot only cost you that game but can cost you the next few years, if not longer, of
7:16 am
your life quality. >> reporter: neurologists say the leading cause of concussions is improper technique while heading the ball. and kids should not be allowed to use their head until they are certified to do it well. like this. >> through the ball so you can see it coming off faster than it is hitting me. they'll do it the wrong way and it hits them and snaps. most kids don't know how to head the ball properly at a young age. they really need to be taught how to do it well. >> reporter: more advice for soccer moms and dads. some research shows girls are injured by headers more often than boys because of weaker neck muscles so a strengthening plan could help. george? >> okay. thank you, jim. important stuff. >> important to know. now we move to the employee at a famous texas bakery who is whipping up more than just pastries. the worker and his wife accused of cooking the books and stealing millions. and abc's ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: he's the former head honcho of accounting at this well-known texas bakery. accused of taking a huge and
7:17 am
illegal piece of the pie. a federal grand jury indicting sandy jenkins on charges he embezzled over eight years more than $16 million. prosecutors say jenkins supplemented his $50,000 a year salary by stealing bakery funds using that extra dough to live a life of luxury with his wife kay, who is also charged in this indictment. trips on private jets, a $700,000 vacation home, a mercedes, even a multimillion dollar watch and jewelry collection. sandy's sweet deal ended when the fbi came knocking last year seizing an assortment of riches including a louis vuitton luggage set, a vast collection of art and wine, even a bar of gold. his attorney tells us he plans on pleading guilty to all the charges in the indictment. >> he's accepted responsibility for everything that he's done
7:18 am
and he feels terrible. >> reporter: he also claims the fraud was a half baked attempt to please his now estranged wife. >> i think my client was doing a lot to try to make his wife happy. >> reporter: kay jenkins was not implicated until now. her lawyer did not return our request for comment. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, austin, texas. >> i just got to say that's a lot of dough. thank you very much. >> just had to, right? >> ba-dum-dum. >> really glad you did. >> thank you. >> ginger is here now with the weather. >> yes. >> what is it doing for the weekend? >> let's look at the nice part of what they were doing with the snow. they were really shredding the gnar, i believe they say, 27 inches in parts of vermont up in the mountains, that's what you do. and it's been cold behind so everyone just wondering, what is my weekend going to be like? we have a warm-up on the way, folks, 58, washington, d.c. today, pittsburgh will get to 56. cincinnati, 63 but we have warm-ups that lead to a cold front sweeping through and
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bringing damaging wind and large hail for dallas, houston and also parts of southwestern louisiana. so something to look for tomorrow. that would be the severe weather tomorrow. i'll leave you the look across the nation. for now, we've got the weekend getaways brought to you by royal caribbean international.
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>> we've got a week >> we've got a week till spring but winter not going down without a fight. this is sunday into monday, yes, my friends, that's more snow and up to a half foot it looks like on some computer models. >> this bet ber a really good spring. >> it better be. >> it's not her fault. >> it's not her fault. coming up on "gma," the latest from the trial of oscar pistorius. did police bungle the investigation? the bombshell investigations in court that princess diana leaked a top secret buckingham palace phone book packed with royal numbers. was it her revenge on the royal family? and is this, sara, ginger, the wedding gown of your dreams?
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[ male announcer ] 15 minutes for a quote isn't how it works anymore. with esurance, 7 1/2 minutes could save you on car insurance. welcome to the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. thomas. stunlgts from city college of san francisco are planning to gather at city hall for another rally. two dozen students camped overnight at the college campus on ocean avenue following a
7:25 am
protest and confrontation with police yesterday. youtube video posted by trey allen shows students try to occupy tomlin hall. two students were arrested pushing for the resignation of dr. bob augrelll and reversal of a tuition payment plan. san francisco southbound 101 right at tenth street we have a crash there blocking one lane and also eastbound side of 80 right at seventh street we have a crash there blocking two lanes so a little bit busy there in san francisco, speaking of which we have the st. paddy's day parade tomorrow starting >> thank you. when we come back meteorologist mike nicco
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welcome back. we have the more than ma rear layer clouds and three to nine degrees cooler than yesterday. stepping out we have 40s inland, 50s around oakland and san francisco.'#ñ your accuweather seven-day forecast. after being cooler today the
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♪ my love there's only you in my -- greg, please, i'm singing to my lara. ♪ the only thing that's right look who's commandeered lara's dressing room, her old friend pepe. apparently wants to be a lot more than a friend, lara. >> pepe is pretty serious there. >> what, george. >> he's got you trance fixed. >> that's something we sing to each other. >> he has a whole lot of people trance fixed. >> of course robin is off today. great to have sara haines here
7:31 am
as well. and and dj-kalkutta here. a big day in the trial of oscar pistorius. major allegations that the police bungled the crime scene tainted even the weapon. also, some bomb shell allegations regarding princess diana. did she, in fact, leak a top secret buckingham palace phone book. it was full of phone numbers to various royal members to the press just before she and charles then divorced. >> stunning revelation. >> it really is. then we have a programming note for you. an exclusive interview monday with the woman who told off the bachelor, juan pablo, in the shocking finale, clair crawley is joining us live. a major booking. >> she kept on telling him off as sthe walked away. that's coming up on monday. right to the latest in the oscar pistorius trial. abc's matt gutman right there at the courthouse in pretoria, south africa. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning,
7:32 am
george. it was mostly blood and police bungling this morning. i was sitting there in court and suddenly jaws dropped, the lead police investigators on the case started walking us through multiple police mishandling of evidence. and he said it started when they began stomping all over that bloody scene. minutes after oscar pistorius shot dead his lover on valentine's day last year, the officer in charge of the scene recounting walking up the stairs to witness one of his officers handling pistorius' gun barehanded. >> the expert was having the firearm in his hand without gloves and then he said sorry and put the magazine back. >> reporter: he then said the cop reinserted the ammunition clip and casually placed it back on the bloody towel. it gets worse. look at that blood smeared box of luxury watches.
7:33 am
the colonel admitting to the disappearance of a watch valued at $5,000 nearly the salary of a police officer's here. >> we body searched everyone. >> reporter: but pistorius' watch has never been found, one of a multitude of allegations of police corruption and bungling. including that door through which pistorius shot his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp, police admitting pieces of it went missing and that colonel van rensburg kept it in a body bag in his office for weeks. in the u.s. this would be ounds for dismissal. >> because oscar pistorius already admitted that he shot reeva steenkamp. it's unlikely that the judge would even consider a case for dismissal which would only be brought once the state closed its case. >> reporter: and today for the first time, we see oscar pistorius as he looked that night. posing in crime scene photos, bare chested, in blood-soaked shorts and socks. but one prosecution point could prove critical. the colonel pointing to this open window noting a break-in at the second floor window and that secure development would be unlikely.
7:34 am
we drove to that development. high walls, electric fences and friendly but firm guards. we just want to take a look inside. we're not armed. we just want to drive around for a little bit. is that okay? now, we may never know what exactly happened inside that gated community but this we know. the defense has been pounding that police witness, essentially putting him on trial and just now suggesting that all of the evidence may be contaminated. lara. >> all right, matt, on and on it goes. i want to get right to abc news chief legal affairs expert, dan abrams. dan, the big headline out of the courtroom today is how badly the police bungled the crime scene, including the weapon, the gun. is this a big break for the defense? >> yeah, sure, this is a big deal are to the defense when you can say that one of the first officers arriving on the scene is starting to manipulate the murder weapon as soon as he gets there and one of his supervisors has to say, in effect, what are you doing? there's a watch missing. this has been a consistent theme throughout this case, which the defense saying you can't trust the evidence.
7:35 am
but this is a different kind of case. because this case is not about who did it -- >> yes. >> -- but why he did it. some of this becomes a little less important than it might be in another type of case. >> and i know a lot of pictures were introduced by the prosecution but you say of the crime scene you're saying that some of them could actually end up helping oscar pistorius. >> some of them back up his account of what happened. remember, one of the key points is he says he was up in the middle of the night taking a fan off the balcony when he hears noises in the bathroom. that's when he runs in. well, there's a picture of that fan in a place that kind of makes sense if you were pulling it off the ball kany, where would it be? they found, for example, the bathroom key in the lock as he had suggested it was. just little things that he said in his application for bail that are now being supported by the pictures that have been introduced. so certainly cuts both ways. >> cuts both ways. we'll keep watching. thanks so much. we'll turn now to george. we turn to a rare inside
7:36 am
look at the secret underworld after murder for hire. "20/20" anchor david muir here. david, you went under cover with those who pose as hit men? >> yes. for the first time on network television a group of these hit men coming forward to talk to us, of course, they're really federal agents and the people all over this country hiring them have no idea. and who's doing the hiring? you're about to see the suburban soccer mom from middle america. in every corner of america right now people with criminal minds and black hearts are plotting. husbands who want their wives dead. women who want their husbands taken out. even children plotting against their own parents. just listen to this wife. >> what do you want done? >> i want him more than hurt. >> you're saying you want him dead. >> dead. >> reporter: this husband wants it done and quickly. >> i'm not playing games. all i want is mission accomplished much you take care of business and we go our separate ways. >> reporter: and the michigan wife who wants her husband gone and doesn't care how ugly it gets as long as it's not in the
7:37 am
house. >> it would be messy in the house. >> reporter: for the first time ever a group of men hired to kill. and on their way, the sit-down exclusively with abc news. but these men all have a secret. they are undercover federal agents with the atf posing as hit men. they meet us at atf headquarters where we have makeup artists waiting. >> reporter: their appearances completely changed. prosthetic nose, cheeks, facial hair. we have never seen an entrance quite like this. just a show of hands, how many of you are in a disguise today? >> because any of them could be in the middle of a case right now just like this one. right there on surveillance that's nicole faccenda, a soccer mom and scorned lover sitting in a supermarket parking lot. unsuspecting shoppers, workers, pushing their carts right past
7:38 am
her. she meets with a hit man. that's what most have on their grocery list plotting revenge on the other woman, the father of her child has a double life, another girlfriend and another family, two children. >> i played every scenario through my head a million times. do i want the car to go off the highway? do i want someone to just come up and take her out? do i want me to go into the house with my silencer and take them all out? >> reporter: murder for hire in america. >> on your lunch break. >> i wouldn't care if she was in a horrible, horrible, horrible car accident and mangled up. >> reporter: and she goes further. she wants proof. >> i want to go to her funeral and spit in the casket. >> you want to see her dead, is that what you want? >> i will be happiest when this woman is dead and buried and six feet under. >> reporter: nicole is now digging her own grave. that is the moment right there when the so-called hit men, the informant shows up to tell her the deed is done. and you'll see her stunning
7:39 am
reaction and what she's saying about it all. how does she explain herself tonight as these unbelievable cases unfold on "20/20" on at 10:00 p.m. >> thanks so much. can't wait for that. >> that's some remarkable stuff. >> that is. >> great job. what do you have, ginger? >> i have really cold weather to the southeast. atlanta even this morning, we're not alone is what that means. you're looking at a tower cam from wsb, the best in the south. you can see temperatures are really just above that freezing mark, 36 for atlanta, 42 birmingham. tallahassee is at 36. you saw all those freeze watches and warnings. even jacksonville is starting cold but we will warm up. look at the southerly flow. charlotte, 63. raleigh today will make it to 60. now, in the southwest and we're talking los angeles now, it's a cool 74 today but close to 90 by the time we end the weekend. so some real heat heading in especial . good morning, on this friday we're going to have temperatures a little bit cooler yesterday
7:40 am
thanks to the low clouds this morning and high clouds this afternoon. near 60 at the coast, mid-60s to low 70s around the bay, low to mid-70s inland. possibility of record warmth this weekend. have a gre all that weather brought to you by aarp. and i don't know what you guys are thinking, but phoenix, time to watch spring baseball. >> i think they're still doing that. they are still doing that. yes, they are. >> yes. >> thank you, ginger. and coming up here on "gma," the explosive allegations. that princess diana leaked a top secret buckingham palace phone book. the mother in a nightmare waking up to find her personal pictures being used on a revenge porn site. her fight right now. must be a supermodel, right? you don't know "aarp". because aarp is making finding the career you love, no matter what your age, a real possibility.
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7:44 am
t.j.maxx and marshalls. we are back now at 7:44. with shocking new allegations that the late prin sisz diana betrayed buckingham palace just before her separation from prince charles. leaking a confidential royal phone directory, directory to a top newspaper. and abc's lama hasan has our story. >> reporter: it was stunning testimony in an already salacious case. former royal reporter clive goodman testifying during britain's ongoing phone hacking trial, that princess diana sent him buckingham palace's confidential contact numbers. >> she was fighting for her
7:45 am
life. she was frightened she would lose the children. so no trick was too dirty. >> reporter: in his explosive evidence, goodman denied illegally paying for palace documents. claiming the princess gave him a top-secret buckingham palace phone book packed with royal contacts and household information to, quote, take on her estranged husband prince charles in 1992. >> diana spilled secrets every day. it was the war of the waleses. i don't think diana would care if someone thought she had taken the buckingham palace phone directory. it's not like she's taken the crown jewels. >> reporter: after all, charles and diana's relationship was on the rocks. they separated soon after this event. goodman alleges that, quote, she felt she was in a very bitter position at the time. she felt she was being swamped
7:46 am
by the people close to him and she was looking for an ally to take him on to show the kind of forces ranged against her. he said the contact numbers helped him write these headline-grabbing stories on the royals for "news of the world." goodman is one of seven former journalists for the paper now on trial accused of hacking into their victims' phones to get scoops. they deny the allegations. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. coming up, is your dream wedding dress a rip-off? what brides-to-be need to know about being fooled into buying high-priced fakes instead of the real deal. >> we got you covered. also let's head to social square, shall we, where they tell me a picture is worth at least 1,000 words. go nowhere. ♪ cause i'm happy ♪ cause i'm happy the deal he and mom made with me when i was ten. he said, "you get the grades to go to college --
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>> announcer: right then, here's the "play of the day." >> love this one. in my house every time one of my brothers and sisters had a birthday, we all got one gift so you didn't feel left out. >> i like that. >> i like that. >> on somebody else's birthday. >> so everybody had something. >> wow. >> and this actually is why. take a look. one little fellow leaving felt out on mother's day. so they decided that the little fella deserved a gift. >> okay. >> yay. >> open it.
7:51 am
open it. >> because everything is awesome when you unwrap it. >> aaah. >> best banana ever. >> that's so cute. >> ever. >> and he's eating it right now. doesn't even save it. >> it might as well be gold plated. that is awesome. >> that works on kids. >> dj kalkutta is here so is the muppets and so is bryan cranston. has every amenity. booooriiiing!!!! ah, ah, ah. hit it, guys! ♪ ♪ it's got a bin for your chickens ♪ ♪ a computer from the future ♪ ♪ and some giant freaky room for eight ♪ ooh, yeah! ♪ but it ain't got no room for boring ♪ i'm spacing out on all this space, too! ♪ no, we ain't got no room for boring ♪ whee!
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look, everybody, dj kalkutta and the muppets. and the muppets. good morning, i'm eric thomas. noork narks investigators are on the keep of a large marijuana grow at a home in haywood, removing the plants from the home on step towall avenue. neighbor called 911 to report a fire just before midnight. here's mike with the forecast. >> all right, eric. besides the marine layer clouds we're watching, look at the fog, less than a quarter mile, november toe and three-quarters in santa rosa. temperatures three to eight degrees cooler than yesterday, upper 50s at the coast. the rest of us ener 60s to low 70s. >> use the low beams, right?
7:57 am
as we look at what's happening in san francisco the accident earlier still in place eastbound side of 80 at seventh street, looking at a slowdown as you come into the city off the bay bridge and fourth street shut down between channel and mission bay boulevard due to the earlier fire this week. eric? >> layla, thank you. presents real big deals of the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. right now, fresh driscoll's strawberries are just $1.99. make it an extra scoop. breyers ice cream is only $2.88. and arrowhead water is just $3.29 a case. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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good morning, america. it's 89:00 a.m. and are you frog enough for the great muppets takeover. animal, piggy and kermit all here live. from "breaking bad" to br k breaking out on broadway, bryan cranston here live and we cooked up a surprise for him with a little help from his former co-star aaron paul. and here comes supernanny, the modern-day mary poppins revealing secrets to stopping your child's temper tantrum. all that and one big blockbuster backstreet boys announcement as they say -- ♪ gma all right >> all: good morning, america.
8:01 am
♪ rock your body that is not all. look at that. they're all there this morning here for the backstreet boys. they're here to make a huge exclusive announcement with us this morning. and their fans are excited. we say good morning, america. robin off today. sara haines with us and dj kalkutta off across the room. there she is. got a lot of friends with her, as well. >> getting a little help there. >> yeah. >> oh, wow. >> yes. >> spin those. >> the muppets and music and a story about a mother of two, mommy blogger, so shocked to find personal family photos on, well, let's just say an adult website. now she is being blackmailed if she wants them taken down. crazy story. >> also, you're going to meet a
8:02 am
remarkable young woman. 6 years old. widing into the shark tank going head to head with the sharks and had the idea when she was 4 in case you weren't feeling alre y already -- [ laughter ] >> to be completely inadequate in life. but, no, she's a terrific little girl. >> yeah, love this story. and, you know, if you've never seen a frog tweet, now is your chance. miss piggy is taking a selfie. there's kermie. both socially savvy. they're here to tell us about their new movie and on a serious note we want you to take a look at this wanted poster. the world's most dangerous frog. his name is constantine reportedly on the loose. do not be fooled, people. >> is it my imagination, kermie is a little annoyed with piggy. >> he hasn't had his coffee yet. >> so they are coming up. news first from josh. we begin with the latest on
8:03 am
the disappearance now of malaysia airlines flight 370. sources telling thus that two key tracking devices in the cockpit were shut down 14 minutes apart indicating a deliberate act possibly by someone trying to cut off the plane's communications. satellite data indicates, as well, the plane continued to fly for some four hours after disappearing from radar. so now the search is expanding much further into the indian ocean which is 15,000 feet deep in some areas. meantime, there was no sign of the plane near an oil slick that was spotted in the south china sea, of course, we'll have updates throughout the day here on abc news. in philadelphia another vestigation is just beginning into why roughly 150 passengers were forced to do this, run for their lives from a plane that had just crashed. the us airways jet, the pilot aborted takeoff at the last second skidded off the runway after the plane's nose gear apparently collapsed. at first the airline said a tire had blown. two passengers required medical
8:04 am
treatment. thousands of russian troops have been deployed to the border of ukraine raising fears now that russia could be preparing to invade the country. this morning, secretary of state john kerry is meeting with his russian counterpart in a last-ditch effort to defuse the crisis before the people of crimea vote sunday on whether to break away from ukraine and join russia. and a consumer watchdog group is claiming more than 300 deaths may be tied to that massive general motors recall. at issue, a faulty ignition switch that can disable the air bags, gm blames 12 deaths on the problem. but the center for auto safety says 303 people died in crashes in chevy co-balls and saturn ions where the air bag failed to deploy. gm says that analysis is flawed. health crisis to tell you about in suburb washington, d.c. this morning. 230 students and faculty at one elementary school in alexandria
8:05 am
have come down with a stomach bug believed to be norovirus, the same bug that caused so much misery for so many cruise ship passengers. the cool is closed today so the cleaners can disinfect the classrooms. and finally if you've ever dreamed of going on safari in africa, this might actually give you pause. take a look, a cheetah decided to actually surprise the folks inside the car, i'm told, peering into the sunroof. the sunroof. >> oh, wow. >> at one point the open sunroof allowed the cheetah to smell their heads as you can see. that cheetah's teeth and claws coming inches from their head. george is actually sitting -- george and i are not moving. >> he looks like kind of a calm cheetah. >> a younger cheetah who they said -- the people in the car said that they felt like he was posing, like the cheetah knew perhaps comfortable with people hopefully comfortable with
8:06 am
people if nothing else but, yeah. >> remarkable. >> close call. >> i'll say. and "pop news" coming up. we want to get ginger zee for the weather. yes, we do. we have a sweet 16 right here from san antonio, texas. what's your name? >> lexi. >> lexi, happy birthday to you and a quick, quick, asking someone to many pro. who do we want? >> i want to ask my boyfriend raymond to prom. >> raymond, you better do this. no pressure. right into the forecast and give you an idea what's happening. we all get on the rain train in the pacific northwest. already started there. parts of seattle, i just heard from seth wayne and, yes, i'm rhyming has the heaviest rain for sunday of the a wet weekend ahead in the pacific northwest. a mile and beautiful spring day, look at those high temperatures, 70 for oklahoma city, st. louis at 64. chicago even at 54. that's going to feel nice. miami a little cooler at 75.
8:07 am
>> if this bow does not mean spring to anybody else, i don't know what does. thank you, avery, from mississippi. let's get right inside. a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." before you say yes to the wedding dress, what you need to know whether you're buying a high-priced rip-off or the real deal. 6-year-old versus the sharks. you're about to meet the youngest person ever to head into the shark tank. too many cooks in the social square. emeril versus the swedish chef
8:08 am
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[ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edward jones. this is shirley speaking. how may i help you? oh hey, neill, how are you? how was the trip? [ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors... [ shirley ] he's right here. hold on one sec. [ male announcer ]'d expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ i'm on the edge ♪ ♪ of glory >> yeah. that is meryl davis and her "dancing with the stars" partner. >> she's back. >> practicing in front of monday's big debut. thousands of folks already sharing all this on facebook and actually here is what meryl reveals about her strategy this season. >> i feel like i like to be
8:13 am
underdog. >> just so that when it's you it's -- exactly. i like the strategy. >> lots of cool subplots including this one. who will be the better dancer, meryl or her ice dancing partner charlie? a look inside the final rehearsal before the season debut. really tough. >> i would never bet against a woman. >> or a pig. you heard it here first. >> piggy weighs in. >> all right. >> did you call her a pig? >> it's okay. i don't think it's a secret. >> well, as you've seen i have a special guest. welcome miss piggy. >> yes, thank you. >> so nice to have you. >> yes. >> and every mom knows the benefits of multitasking and victor ka beckham is no exception but she's taking things to a whole new level with this photo of her on a treadmill work station in heels. yes. the fashion designer tweeted the photo from the conde nast
8:14 am
college of fashion and design in london saying every office should have one of these workout and work out at the same time. genius. >> which spice girl was she, again, wacky spice? that's crazy. >> do you wear heel, miss piggy. >> i would never wear heels running. >> true but you'd look good in a nice set of heels. >> actually i do. i do. we'd like to introduce you to grumpy baby. posted this photo of this baby to an online forum and within minutes the photoshopping wizards had worked their magic. we loved the cowboy bartender version and monicle in top hat and one especially for you. what do you think of that? does it remind you of anyone? >> it reminds me we need to move on. >> i thought you'd have a better reaction to that. no? that is not funny!
8:15 am
>> moving right along. this he say patience is a virtue but someone forgot to tell fern the boxer clearly fed up with waiting for her owner to return to the car. [ blowing horn ] >> come on. >> that really happened. we're told fern kept her paw firmly on the horn for 15 minutes while her owner browsed a nearby art gallery completely unaware of this and check out what my chihuahua can do. almost exactly the same thing. watch out. it's going to be a yawn. no, no. they're working on stuff. >> yeah, my dog can do that too. >> really? >> your -- >> those are my little baby. >> they know how to do -- >> nothing. absolutely nothing. >> chihuahuas. >> they are. >> i should have brought pictures of my dog. >> why didn't you? >> the whole show of my dogs doing nothing. >> you could top that kind of
8:16 am
story? >> uh-oh. this is going south. >> i'm sure you have plenty of interesting things to say. >> we'll move on to one of them right now. it is a growing threat on the internet. your name, photo and contact information on an x-rated website. that's what happened to a utah mother, messages all over the world after the image was posted. mara schiavocampo here with this cautionary tale. >> reporter: good morning. you have know the scariest part of this, it could happen to anyone with millions of us posting our selfies and other permanent pics every single day and there's little you can do about it after the fact. salt lake city blogger melissa esplen has more than 3,000 photos online of her calligraphy and craft projects and many innocent pictures of herself but two weeks ago the married mother of two kids woke up to find her perfectly pgpics were being used
8:17 am
in an x-rated way. >> it infuriated me and sent me into a pan in. i was angry that people would think it was me. >> reporter: some of the photos had been stolen and posted on a porn site next to very graphic images of someone else's body. but that's not all that was on the site. esplin's name, city she lived in and link to her facebook page was there and she immediately started getting bombarded with messages from strange men. >> you're pretty. those pictures were really interesting. i'd like to get to know you more and some got considerably more graphic. >> reporter: then the second shock. she says she found she was the target of a attempted cyberextortion and the site would only take the images down if she agreed to pay $400. >> really. like i would pay somebody $400? i mean who knows what they would have done with my credit card information? i'm one of many women that are extorted on this site every day.
8:18 am
>> reporter: posting photos online is easier and more popular than ever with millions of us sharing sell if is and other personal pics on sites like instagram, snapchat and facebook. experts say what happened to her could happen to anyone. and events like this are more common than ever. >> if you find your photos have been misused, you can report it but basically you're on your own because there's not really a place for law enforcement to step in. >> experts say prevention is the key. limit what you post and who can see it using privacy settings and, you know, esplin did toil a complaint with the fbi but that website is registered overseas so there's very little they can do at this point. >> thanks. more from dan abrams and you look at is. there's got to be a law against it but this is not necessarily that easy. >> actually can be very hard. this case is a little easier because they're literally just taking a photo of her, so she has the copyright to it, she owns it.
8:19 am
taking it and putting it in a false light with somebody else and giving away private details, et cetera so this is easier than some of the cases. the harder cases and this was on a revenge porn site. the harder cases are the ones where someone puts it on a revenge porn site and you want to try to get it down and you want to try to say, wait, this has to be illegal. >> can i ask a question? what's a revenge porn site versus a regular porn site. >> the sites devoted to getting back at people. tends to be exes, the victims tend to be 80% women. >> so what do you do if you're in that -- you find yourself on one of these? >> first of all states across the country are now passing laws. a couple of states have them, california, new jersey i think now trying to pass laws across the country that outlaw them but sometimes hard to create laws that pass constitutional muster so you have to make sure the laws are really goinged to conduct that's intended to harm someone where someone had an expectation of privacy and the easier cases to get someone to take it down are the ones maybe
8:20 am
where you've taken the photo yourself, right. because then you can say i own that photo. the harder ones are someone else has and that picture of you, they technically own that photo, they say it's my right to use it and that's why you need these new laws. >> this is something that just seems completely illegal. >> also -- >> cometely illegal. >> maddening. absolutely maddening. >> wow, great advice. thank you, mara. we switch it up here and talk about weddings. a little happy news. although price tags for wedding gowns as sara and ginger are finding out tend to run into thousands of dollars. so who wouldn't want to search for a great deal? but buyer beware. dozens of websites are selling knockoffs of major diners and now the leading industry trade group is trying to shut down those sales. abc's cecilia vega has the details. ♪ >> reporter: perfect day, the
8:21 am
perfect dress or not. every year more than $600,000 fake wedding dresses are bought online brides thinking they're getting the real deal for their big day when what they really get is a big letdown. it happened to ista ray. in an investigation three years ago she said she found the $1300 dress of her dreams and bought what she thought was an identical replica online for $320. big mistake. >> can't believe this is what came. i mean, it was beaded and black, you know, pearls and it just ma no sense. it looked like a high school project. >> reporter: but now the trade industry group representing american bridal and prom dressmakers and retailers is fighting back by suing those websites that allegedly sell the fakes and they had a recent victory. a judge ordering more than 1,000 knockoff sites to knock it off. freezing their online payment accounts and ordering their
8:22 am
sites closed. >> the end game here is to get federal recognition of the damages it's doing to our economy. >> reporter: it can be tough to spot counterfeit dresses on some of those sites. just look at this. the exact same dress that sells for big bucks in the store or on a legitimate site is online here for $130. order this one and you'll most likely get a cheap i willtation. they're on the losing end of this cyberbattle. >> creative minds that created this dress and for somebody out there to be copying it and making money off it is just such a shame. >> reporter: when it comes to the perfect dress, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you, cecilia. so much to say about that piece but we are running out of time so we'll move on to a very young entrepreneur about to swim
8:23 am
with sharks. a little girl with a great idea for a paint-on bandage. she had it when she was 4 years old and tonight she'll become the youngest person ever to pitch a idea on abc's "shark tank." they're tough. >> i think there's no chance on god's green earth this deal could ever possibly close. >> reporter: and merciless. >> i think the idea sucks. >> reporter: and tonight the idea hungry sharks of abc's "shark tank" are coming face to face with something they've never seen before. >> my name is kiowa and i'll be on "shark tank." >> reporter: with help from her father she'll become the youngest inventor ever to pitch her bright idea to those deep pocketed dealmakers at just 6 years old. she's hoping one of them will invest in her product boo boo goo, a revolutionary invention that we'll let her explain. >> i never liked band-aids and i didn't want people to see that i had something because look at the board.
8:24 am
there is boo boo goo. there's another paint-on bandage and which one do you like best? >> great saleslady. >> reporter: the stroke of genius hit this mini mogul when she was just 4 years old. >> i was on a walk with my dad one day and i looked down at my knee. i had a band-aid on it because i a scrape and i said, daddy, what if i could just skin that i could paint on. thanks, mom. >> reporter: her dad is an inventor himself and says he knows how to spot a best-seller when he sees one. >> the moment i heard it i thought, wow, that's a great idea. i feel proud just because i think it's an early age for somebody to be passionate about a career and be pursuing it. >> reporter: but the now 7-year-old kiowa says her close-up on the big screen is about more than just a big payday. >> i want to tell kids that you can be something even though you're small. >> what a great kid who makes us
8:25 am
all feel so remarkably inadequate. it's just incredible. find out what happens when she sits down with the sharks. it's "shark tank" airing tonight 9:00, 8:00 central right here on abc. >> something we want our kids to watch. >> absolutely. go boo boo goo. >> we all need a way to fund our retirement. it's going to be great. hope you'll watch. i hope you'll stick with us, however, as bryan cranston is here. he has returned to the white way in a very, very big way and we have the muppets. >> they're mercking -- >> i hear them. >> oh. >> my boyfriend is here, everybody. >> this is kermit the frog. the real kermit the frog. i've been replaced by an impostor constantine, the world's most famous frog in the world. i tried to get in the "gma" studios to warn you but somebody come get me. >> what! oop.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. students from city college of san francisco are planning to gather at city hall today for another rally. two dozen students camped out overnight at the campus on ocean avenue following a protest and confrontation with police yesterday. youtube video posted by trey allen shows students trying to occupy conman hall. two students were arrested pushing for the resignation of trustee bob dr. agrella and reversal of a tuition payment plan. let's get an update on monday -- friday morning traffic, here's layla. >> friday light we have to say this intent in san rafael southbound side of 101 coming up on lucas valley road. they're trying to get the crash over to the shoulder but enough to cause delays as you head into
8:28 am
santa benicia. 40 minutes through san jose, nice and quiet there and 280 through the city, 20 minutes. >> i will la, thank you very much. much. when we come bac m, creamy greek yogu new mixim, creamy greek yogurt. with two unique ingredients. much. when we come bac to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way.
8:29 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. newwith two unique ingredients. to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way. good morning. still tracking some fog with live doppler 7 hd mainly up around santa rosa. clouds for the rest of us, cooler conditions this afternoon, we're starting out right now in the 40s and 50s, our destination about three to eight degrees cooler than
8:30 am
yesterday. upper 50s to slow 60s at the coast. mid to upper 60s around the bay shore and low to mid-70s inland. i still think we'll have near record high temperature this is hello, my name is haley. i'm from concord, north carolina. good morning, america. >> good morning, america. this is beverly from tampa, florida. >> wow. that's terrific. good morning messages from some of our hundreds of thousands of google+ followers. there's dj kalkutta spinning us into a weekend and we want you to send your greeting so you can see yourself on tv, as well. behind the desk, don't give up. you're the greatest stage manager ever, angie. >> lara will miss her cue. >> how much do you love me? >> so happy to see you again. oh, hi, everybody.
8:31 am
we're on. we're on. the red light is on. >> great to see you, pal. >> good to see you too. pepe. >> pepe, we had no idea you had such dulcet tones singing. >> is it great to see us? -- >> uh -- >> sorry, buddy. pepe is here with his other friends, his other guys, the muppets. >> yeah. >> pepe is starring in a big movie. >> big movie all right. "muppets most wanted." >> "muppets most wanted," we're going to get into that and talk to all -- everybody. >> also, sara haines just had a major star moment. major star moment here at "gma." she got to meet bryan cranston right across the studio here from "breaking bad." getting amazing reviews, brand-new role on broadway playing lbj and we cannot wait to talk to him about that. right now to ginger in the social square. >> yeah, i'm having my fan moment. all powered up by samsung, emeril real quick in the social square with us and you've been
8:32 am
sending us your fails. your epic food fails. the pictures, well, they're not pretty. not to say they can't be fixed and that's what we'll do. we'll start with one from amy based on facebook. she said her son wanted a black forest cake for her birthday. this is what she made and her husband cast walling run, black forest, run cake. the icing on the side. what do we do? >> a couple things could have happened. maybe the cake was hot but i doubt that because most people don't work that fast. i would say that the if iing which is probably a bavarian-type cream was not set up enough. not enough stabilizer. in this case maybe she could have folded in cream cheese to stiffen it up a little bit. but look at this. it's a disaster. >> stabilize your cream. amy. >> cook it. it could be the eggs weren't cooked enough either. >> we have all those tips coming up and so much more with emeril. >> i say that every day. stabilize your cream. thanks. every parent knowing a todd
8:33 am
wi toddler with a temper is terrible. the supernanny has a new book and juju caught up with her and a family in need. ♪ >> reporter: more power than than a toddler's tantrum. able to withstand a child's piercing scream, it's supernanny. >> time-out because you did not listen. >> reporter: the modern-day mary poppins starred in her own hit show for seven seasons and with 25 years of child care experience her just released sixth book is simply jo frost, "toddler rules." >> who rules the house? >> patrick. >> reporter: we asked jo to use her superpowers on patrick, all of 3. what do you want joe to work on? >> some discipline issues. you know, we tell him something, he doesn't want to do it, how to
8:34 am
get him to do it when he's supposed to, either eat or go to bed. >> reporter: he was born with a heart defect and spent months in the hospital with two open heart surgeries. they say it's hard to forget that trauma when it's time to dismain their toddler. >> hi, patrick. >> reporter: after getting to know patrick jo works her magic. her first piece of tough love, give him choices but stick to them. >> you need to tell me, sausage, pasta, which one. if he pushes it away, push it aside and give him nothing. you'll wait until that next meal time because then he'll learn. >> reporter: next, bedtime. with at that time pick still sleeping in his parents' bed, no alone time. jo's fix, the sleep separation technique. >> you just sit adjacent to the bed. if he calls you, okay, you won't respond. if he gets out of his bed, then you just place him back in but you don't talk because what you're teaching him is night time. you do it correctly, that will
8:35 am
take you no longer than five days. >> reporter: lastly, discipline. jo recommends creating and closely keeping a daily routine to help patrick to learn stability. >> so recognize that his heart condition has not hindered him to understand his brain to understand to do things. >> the biggest issue for patrick, by letting him rule the roost, they were not doing him any favors. >> by treating him that way they were not allowing him to fly. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> thanks to juju for that. we all know bryan cranston from his series star turn on "breaking bad." now he's taking on broadway making his debut in "all the way" as president lyndon johnson, the tortured texan using his power to advance the cause of civil rights. take a look. >> as a southerner i've had to bite my tongue on this issue my entire life until my mouth was full of blood.
8:36 am
well, not anymore. what the hell is important being president if you can't do what you know is right? this ain't about the constitution. this is about those who got more, wanting to hang on to what they got. at the expense of those who got nothing and feel good about it. >> and bryan cranston joins us now. love that scene. you get a real sense of what motivates lyndon johnson there but talk about him as a tortured soul and such a larger than life creature, a king lear. >> i love -- bill moyer says he thinks lyndon johnson is probably 11 of the most interesting people he ever knew. >> he knew him up close. >> he knew him up close and was so mercurial. you nevfver knew what johnson would walk in the door, he could be funny, embracing, damning and threatening and he did whatever he thought was appropriate to
8:37 am
get what he needed. but he also knew that this was a horse trade. that politics back then was something he knew he had to give up something. >> what you see in 24 play is johnson at work. the politician on the phone behind the scenes. >> yeah. >> using all that power and bill moyers with a close aide of lyndon johnson as well and others like joe califona said, i saw at moments it was like you were seeing hi or hearing him, i don't know whether johnson has taken over cranston or cranston has taken over johnson. >> what a big compliment especially for those who knew him so well. there's a plethora of source material to read up on johnson, plus, all the telephone conversations that were recorded. >> such a resource. >> unbelievable. i was able then to not only read about the information but listen to his tenor when he was so depressed and wanting to quit or when he rose to the occasion and
8:38 am
was so excited about getting something accomplished. it was very exciting. >> i cannot wait to see it. before we go we're getting a lot of viewer questions coming in including one in our social square from a very special viewer. i want you to take a look. >> hey, bryan cranston, i have a two-part question. first of all, is it weird being so attractive? also, is it hard being so attractive? >> you know, surprisingly it's not that difficult. i got acquainted to it rather quickly, i think, just like you. >> oh, thank you. to cover it up a lot to play lbj, though. >> actually unfortunately no. i have features like lbj's that are unfortunate, yeah, i have kind of beady eyes and some folds and thin lip, all the features that any man would want, you know. no, and then i put a little
8:39 am
cleft chin in. i add earlobes. i add fake earlobes that drop about another inch because he had such -- >> he did have huge ears. >> yeah. >> it' an amazing performance. thank you for coming in today. on broadway right now and now we want to go to ginger for a final check of the weather. >> not only a check of the weather but a check of the weather with some friends. look at them. bunson honeydo. i didn't know that was your last name and beaker your assistant. not listening to my forecast. what are you thinking? >> i think beaker is a little cold this morning. he was expecting a warming trend today due to some inaccurate weather forecasting. >> that must have not been here. we are not warming that much. into the 50s we'll go but look at the snow that comes in sunday night into monday. beaker, you do not want to be dressed like this. look at the snow totals, a half foot possible some of the computer models. fine tuning that as it gets closer.
8:40 am
. good morning, on this friday we're going to have temperatures a little bit cooler yesterday thanks to the low clouds this morning and high clouds this afternoon. near 60 at the coast, mid-60s to low 70s around the bay, low to mid-70s inland. possibility of record warmth this weekend. have a great day. >> all that weather brought to you by edward jones. we have exciting new, a huge exclusive. check it out. >> good morning, america. >> due to overwhelming demand on facebook and twitter -- ♪ backstreet is back all right >> we're coming back out on tour in the u.s. and canada this summer. ticks go on sale next friday, march the 21st. >> what? >> the tour starts may 3rd and guess what, we'll have special guests avril lavigne. check us out. go to backstreet boys, >> go see it. >> wow.
8:41 am
go to our website on yahoo! for details on that tour. are you okay? >> this is the last time i use the random guessing method of forecasting the weather. >> good idea. much more with the muppets including kermit. is kermit around here? that's right. not only that backstreet group but i think kermit is having a tough time getting into times square. we'll give you an idea what happens. please, please stay with us. >> where do you think you're headed, little fella. >> i'm kermit the frog. i have to go inside. >> oh, really. we've had a lot of impostors around lately. i think this is just a bad costume. let me look in there. let me see. there you are. i see you in there.
8:42 am
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♪ whoa oh oh oh ♪ ♪ whoa whoa whoa whoa >> oh, animal. here he is in social square checking out the music on spotify. social square powered by samsung, of course. we're so thrilled to have him and miss piggy and kermie joining us. >> hi. >> in the studio. "muppets most wanted," their new film is here soon and piggy is also launching her own qvc lifestyle selection called moi by miss piggy. congratulations in thank you so much. >> we'll get to the movie in a second. first i wanted to have you tell us a little bit about your line. moi. >> i can't really go into too much detail, but needless to say
8:45 am
if people tune in to qvc this sunday, just it's all about it and the lives will change forever. >> i mean, the commercial looks like a -- >> okay. well, i'm excited for that. i'm also very excited for this. let's give everybody a sneak peek. this is "muppets most wanted." roll the clip. >> excusez-moi. do you have a moment. i just wanted to say that i accept your apology and i'm ready to put our little disagreement or whatever it was behind and perhaps i was a little too eager about -- >> pig, i have a question. am i wearing sign that says bother me? >> ah! >> something is funny in that clip. >> yes, it was hilarious, wasn't it? it was really, really fun stuff. >> i thought we were going to see a clip between you and me, kern kermie. >> that was constantine. >> wait a minute.
8:46 am
>> wait a minute. >> are you kermit or are you some -- >> oh, no, i am kernel the frog, yes. >> you're not kermit the frog. >> i am kernel the frog. he is an impostor. >> no, no, no. >> first of all, piggy -- >> pmanhandled by a bear. >> you were bearhandled by a man. >> something like that. >> something is awry here. >> yes, i am constantine. >> aha. >> i knew it. >> security. annie! you know what -- we're going to take care of this, constantine, you're done. you're going down. >> you're going to put me down -- >> you're going down. >> kermit, you're going to be fine we got you. >> forget security, i'll take care of you. >> if you are on the edge of your seat it's getting out of control. "muppets most wanted" in theaters -- >> i can tell you, that hurts. >> friday, march 21st.
8:47 am
easy, easy. coming up emeril lagasse hopefully saving the day. oh, my gosh. break it up. break it up. >> help, help. >> ready? >> are you
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ this is going to be the best day ♪ good time. emeril lagasse here for another edition of you pick, emeril cook. we asked you to choose which breakfast dish to cook. your choices were blueberry oat pancakes, breakfast burrito, green apple pancakes and crustless quiche. the winner was -- what. >> wow. >> wanted the burrito. >> apparently my auto voting for the bure roto was not enough. >> listen, i have a visiting chef today. >> the swedish chef, right. okay, so crustless quiche. swedish style, ready?
8:50 am
>> so as we prepare -- >> what are we doing to begin. >> ol little oil. okay. now put the leeks in. put the leeks in. yep, okay. >> then we'll add some spinach. >> yep. going to add garlic. >> that's right. >> this is how they cook in sweden. >> right. >> okay. >> a little -- >> yeah, put the pepper -- perfect. okay, so you saute this basically. >> right. you. >> got to weight this down basically in sweden how they do it is cook it down. the spinach will -- absorb moisture so let's come down over here. kermit, let's -- >> you're going to love this part. >> chef, come this way. so i have six eggs and six egg whites. and this is -- you know what this is, right? this is -- okay, evaporated light milk. >> now, you went with
8:51 am
>> why go with it? why go with gruyere? [ speaking a foreign language ] >> yeah. basically, josh, when you get the spin notch and the leeks sauteed as you can see -- perfect shot. >> moisture is out of this. >> wow. >> that means no water. >> kermie, no moisture, no water. you're going to dry right up over here and then so now we add -- see -- >> yep. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> yeah. right. right and then -- >> gruyere cheese. gruyere. >> how long in the oven? >> he can o. my god. at this point who really cares? i mean, really and truly --
8:52 am
>> that should be a movie. >> that's the swedish way, right? >> yes. >> okay, so look, bake this -- >> how long, chef? [ speaking a foreign language ] >> yeah, about 400 degrees. >> yeah. >> so basically now -- >> mock speedish. >> look at this. >> wow. >> look at that. >> i also want to point out we all tried the pancakes. but can i -- i'm going -- can i mac a request? i know breakfast in bed for one lucky mom is coming up. maybe a breakfast burrito. >> maybe. >> i'll put in that for you. >> hey, swede, how does that sound to you. >> how does that sound to you. > okey-dokey. >> perfect. that means perfect in swedish. >> that translates to -- >> swedish chef, you can cook for me any time. [ cheers ] >> emeril, i hope you come back again. i know. >> i wouldn't miss it. >> recipes at
8:53 am on yahoo! and we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by necessary cafe clasico. stir what's inside. >> oh, we want to say thank you to so many. everybody who came to see our friends the muppets and dj kalkutta spinning us into the weekend and emeril who deserves some combat pay today. >> and the muppets. >> the muppets are great but got to tell you something, this guy right here, pepe, i think you're very close to him. we'll cook him later so -- >> oh my! >> hey, everybody, have a great weekend. thanks for watching. we'll see you on monday. [ cheers and applause ]
8:57 am
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get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. good morning, i'm eric thomas. monday is st. patrick's day but tomorrow is the big parade in downtown san francisco. let's find out what the weather will be like. >> here's sunshine, light wind and temperatures upper 60s to low 70s. tomorrow sea breeze, 65 in san francisco, near 60 along the coast, mid to upper 60s around the bay shore, low no mid-70s inland. the winds will reverse or be calm enough that we'll have warmer than average temperatures tomorrow and sunday before a cooling trend starts paint patrick's day. leyla? >> there will be street closures in san francisco between downtown and civic center.
9:00 am
in the east bay we have this crash involving a couple vehicles blocking more lanes northbound side of 880 at marina boulevard, slow up to 980. eric? >> leyla, thank you. join us for your announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from "dancing with the stars," drew carey. and the most beautiful and talented pig in hollywood, miss piggy! plus, we'll reveal the big winner of "live's" unstoppable mom and present her with her $100,000 prize. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪

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